Everything you need to know about Polki

Everything you need to know about Polki

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There are only few chances that you would have recognized kundan and polki. You may heard about their richness and royalty but it’s highly difficult to differentiate them unless you know it better. Polki Jewelers shine with the opulence and grandeur. You are a princess if you already chosen to wear them for the party tonight. Buy Diamond Polki Sets Products Online and give power to your dress . But do you know why they are better than other fancy designer jewelry? Here is what you need to know about it.

What are Polki?

Polkis are uncut diamond that is used in making jewelry just as the nature form. They are uncut and untreated both physically and chemically. You may find these stones shine brighter and add character to the jewelry. Making them is quite complicated as they need to remain in the same shape. By tradition they are heirloom pieces which means passed from one generation to other. But they are also available at Online Biggest Supermarket Shopping Store of Diamond Polki Sets Products. All you need to do is find the right store for the best design and quality

How are they made?

By using the uncut diamond  polki jewelry are made with the gold foils. Especially in the conventional gold chains they are embedded carefully making the most attractive piece. There are Affordable Diamond Polki Sets Products Online Stores which had brilliant taste of creativity. The polki is used with the gold jewelry here. Now the newest trends are to match them with pearl and other gems. It is ethnic at the same time modern and trendy.


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