What the bride has to know about Polki?

What the bride has to know about Polki?

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Polkis are diamond but in the raw form. They are semi-polished, uncut and absolutely a version of the diamond itself. Polki is not treated chemically for the color and look. There are only few Online biggest supermarket shopping store of Diamond Polki and Matha Patti Products. You need to be careful while choosing to purchase Polki designs as they are expensive. As a bride you may want to flaunt with the new trend of polkis but finding the right one may sound hard. Here is what you need to understand basic things about Polki

Polki is different from Kundan

Many have the misconception that Kundans are Polki. But definitely they are not. They are similar in appearance but only when you look closer you can see some major changes. Buy Diamond Polki Matha Patti Products Online from the exclusive stores in order to avoid confusion. Kundan are not natural stones they are made from the fusion of gold and metal. Hence they shine brighter than the usual. They both might have an antique touch but Kundan are fancy and less precious jewelry. Often kundans are customized based on the style, dress and according to your needs. But polka is expensive and not very flexible for the customization.

Style of Polki Designs

Polkis are now trending and they are open to scientific techniques when it comes to coloring and shaping them. Polkis attached with the open gold bearing is the new trend while the enamel at the back will not be attached. They are called as Open Polki as the light may pas through both ends and hence they look brilliant. It will reflect original diamond and that’s exactly the new trend to wear. Hyderabad polkis are colored and look like the gems. Here the enamel is strong beaded with the pearl making the best collection out there on the Biggest Online Supermarket in Beadon Pura, Karol Bagh etc.

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